Arthur Hughes:
Name: Arthur Hughes
Role: Creator of ATFC
Information: The man with a dream, lesser remembered now, and certainly lesser celebrated. Once just a noble Town Clerk, and then all of a sudden the man who turned a town into a Football Club. Son of a wealthy familly from Glynpadarn. Arthur Hughes was born in 1847, the third son of Hugh Hughes and Grandson of John Hughes. His brothers Hugh and Jack scored goals in a game in 1873. The three brothers worked to help form a football club. Jack and Hugh had stuggled to take the club forward in 1876, but younger brother Arthur advertised Aberystwyth FC in the local press on the 3rd/4th October 1884. The advert read as follows:

Aberystwyth Football Club. Gentlemen wishing to join the above club are requested to attend a meeting to be held at the Belle Vue Hotel on Saturday, the 4th inst., at 4pm. Members' subscriptions to be paid in advance, 2s. 6d. (12.5p).

The club at the time was only really open to gentlemen (not many people at the time could afford such subscriptions!). The advertisement was to prove a success. A later news report tells us that Mr. Peake was elected as the first ever ATFC Captain. John Hamer was his sub-captain. Mr Bonsall was the club's first secretary. A committee was formed involving numerous people and the arrangement to gain a field via Mr Roberts (Lion Hotel) were in place.

Arthur was educated at Clifton College, Bristol and was admitted as a solicitor becoming a partner in his father's firm eventually. He became clerk to Aberaeron magistrates in 1875, and then to Llanilar magistrates, soon after in 1880 he was appointed Aberystwyth town clerk. He was celebrated as a man of "infinite jest and a capital raconteur." He married Miss Gilbertson and had four sons and a daughter.

Mr Hughes did not just father the club but he was there for thirty years to help raise his creation. Arthur Hughes had to re-awaken interest in the club in 1892, and decided on adding the word association to Aberystwyth Football Club. This spurred massive interest and the new proposed Town FC started. The re-awakening of the club has since see the club carry on successfully throughout peace-time and for over a century now. Arthur Hughes became a patron member of the FAW by FAW election and remained a committee member until 1919, whilst being club chairman from 1884 to around 1913. Arthur Hughes was even nominated as club president from 1886-87. Whilst the club had some financial trouble in several years from 1909 onwards, Arthur Hughes did his utmost to restore balance.

Athur Hughes sadly did not see ATFC's new Smithfield Road ground. His dream gave the club that new home. He devoted his life to the service of the community and performed numerous deeds of kindness and charity. He died in February 1919 at the age of 71.

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